Victorian Multicultural Festival of Lights

Wyndham Diwali Inc. (WDI) a Not-for-profit, apolitical, run by high performing team. WDI has grown to become one of the most popular community based event organizers’ in Melbourne, Australia – which encourages and multicultural-faces-googleimplements unity in diversity.

Wyndham Diwali festival rely solely on the generous financial and “in-kind” support from state and local government, corporate businesses, volunteers, media and local industry.

Wyndham Diwali Team’s primary purpose is promoting multiculturalism and Unity in Diversity through dance, music and arts. The event “Victorian Multicultural Festival of Lights” attracts participation from people across Victoria.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Celebrate the annual event.
  • Showcase Wyndham Diwali as an international festival with its unique concept.
  • Major stakeholders – OMAC, Wyndham City Council, Primary Partners and Media Partners.
  • Working Partners – Govt. Agencies, Volunteers, Sponsors and Choreographers/Artistes.
  • Engage citizens/disadvantaged residents from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Visual display of celebrating Festival of Lights using Art Forms, Dance Forms and Music.
  • Attract growing number of visitors from all areas in the region.

Mission Statement

Achieve the status as the champions of cross-cultural exchange in the Wyndham City and surrounding regions – vehicle :


Five Thousand lamps illuminated Presidents’ Park at Wyndham Diwali

What an event – Community Focused, Truly Multicultural Diwali.
We at Wyndham Diwali sincerely thank all the visitors from various communities coming over to make the Victorian multicultural festival a great success. The WDI team sincerely thanks one and all who have come promptly on our invitation through various media, in numbers far exceeding our expectations. We have lost count mid-way and we understand that it took more than half hour to get out of the venue late in the evening…


A portion of the visiting public at Wyndham Diwali 2015