Wyndham Diwali 2017

Come join us to celebrate the biggest Diwali festival in Wyndham on Saturday 28th October 2017 at Presidents Park, Wyndham Vale.

Promote your business

Corporates, small to medium businesses, service providers promote your business or services to thousands of visitors at Wyndham Diwali Festival

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If you are a business small or big or an individual with ABN wants to be part of the biggest Diwali festival in Wyndham

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We Promote Local Talent

Performing groups, dance schools, live bands and multicultural community groups contact us to be part of Wyndham Diwali.

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a Not-for-profit, apolitical organisation, run by high performing team

Mission Statement

Achieve the status as the champions of cross-cultural exchange in the Wyndham City and surrounding regions.

Wyndham Diwali has grown to become one of the most popular community based event in Melbourne, Australia – which encourages and implements unity in diversity. This community festival relies solely on the generous financial and “in-kind” support from the state government, local government, corporate businesses, volunteers, media and local industry.

Wyndham Diwali is the biggest Diwali festival in the Wyndham region, with free entry to the visiting public and working towards promoting ‘many cultures and one nation’ concept.
Wyndham Diwali Team’s primary purpose is promoting multiculturalism and Unity in Diversity through dance, music and arts.

The event “Victorian Multicultural Festival of Lights” attracts participation from people across Victoria.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Celebrate the annual event.
  • Showcase Wyndham Diwali as an international festival with its unique concept.
  • Major stakeholders – OMAC, Wyndham City Council, Primary Partners, Media Partners.
  • Supporting Partners – Govt. Agencies, Sponsors and Choreographers/Artistes.
  • Engage citizens/disadvantaged residents from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Visual display of celebrating Festival of Lights using Art Forms, Dance Forms and Music.
  • Attract growing number of visitors from all areas in the region.

Wyndham’s Own Cultural Extravaganza

  • Platform for locals to experience art & culture, food, relaxation and indulgence
  • Opportunity for local talent to shine
  • Exposes local businesses and promotes employment locally
  • Performances showcasing multiple communities on one platform
  • Highlights Wyndham Diwali Inc.’ commitment to its community
  • Capitalises on key demographic segments
  • A revenue generating event for local businesses with manageable challenges
  • Immediate target market: Melbourne, Geelong, Melton and other western suburbs