Ria Bollywood Dance -Off!

Ria Bollywood Dance off!

This competition is brought to you by Wyndham Diwali in association with Ria Money Transfer

Ria Bollywood Dance Off – Eligibility Criteria.

  • Minimum 4 performs in a performing group
  • Song should be from a Bollywood Movie and maximum length 4 min
  • Email us a video link or a 1 minute video clip of the dance your group will be performing for the competition to bdo@wyndhamdiwali.org.au
  • Shortlisted groups will receive a invitation to perform at Wyndham Diwali on Saturday 28th of October at Presidents Park
  • Judges will select the winners and their decision is final
  • Each group should have a team manager accompany the competing group. Arrive early to the venue to avoid any traffic delays.

Email your expression of interest to bdo@wyndhamdiwali.org.au with following details:

Group Name:
Number of Performers:
Manager’s Name:
Mobile #:
Email address:
Video Link:

or fill in the below form:

Enter your groups Name
Minimum 4 performers in a group
video link or email the video clip


Ria Bollywood Dance Off rules and conditions

Please read all Ria Bollywood Dance Off rules carefully, as failure to comply could result in disqualification. Once your entry is received it is understood that you have read these rules and conditions to the event.

The results are based on Judging panel score and is final. No audience, parent, or performer or anyone will question our judges or Ria or Wyndham Diwali management concerning the result of any part of the competition.

  1. Performing group should provide music track in MP3 format before 21st of October 2017.
  2. Performing group must be ready to perform at stated time in the official program. 5 Points will be deducted if contestants do not perform in scheduled sequence, you must be ready to perform at least 2 dance items before yours, unless permission is granted by the stage manager.
  3. All performers must be present at the awards presentation to receive their awards. No awards will be given at other times. We do not post out awards.
  4. As Wyndham Diwali mela is a family event, all dance routines must be appropriate for family viewing. If a judge or the Directors of Wyndham Diwali feel that a routine or costume is too suggestive or inappropriate for our audience, the routine may be stopped, and/ or points will be deducted.
  5. Entries can be registered via website.
  6. Wyndham Diwali Inc or Ria Money Transfer are not responsible for any property loss or injury to any persons attending the event and lost property will be left at the event site for your collection.
  7. Wyndham Diwali reserves the right to change competition day, or move competition location, due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a natural disaster or a venue is not available, Wyndham Diwali reserves the right to change the date of competition or cancel the competition altogether.
  8. All entries require submitting a 1 minute dance routine video clip before they are given a final acceptance into the competition. Wyndham Diwali also reserve the right to refuse any entry. Closing dates are only a guide.
  9. Wyndham Diwali is open air  event; we do not tolerate parents, family or friends who conduct themselves in an unacceptable and offensive manner towards participants or our staff. Be seen not heard!
  10. Contestants will be responsible for preparing and removing all props and a time limit of 45-seconds to set or break down props will apply. Any Prop or set that is deemed unsafe will not be allowed on stage. If you litter the stage, you are responsible for cleaning the stage area. Special lighting effects will not be permitted for any act. There is no house curtain available on the stage.
  11. Any discrepancy in scores must be brought to the attention of Wyndham Diwali management on the day of competition. Only team managers will be permitted to approach the Wyndham Diwali management concerning any discrepancies, if they arise.
  12. Any act that is not completed will not be eligible for any prize.
  13. Music (MP3 / CD) handed into Wyndham Diwali must be in working order, Wyndham Diwali will take no responsibility for any CD’s that do not play or if a CD skips and performers will only be permitted to submit 1 additional back up CD as a second chance.
  14. All contestants grant permission to the management of Wyndham Diwali, to use their photographs in advertisements, posters, news media, Facebook, website or to appear on local and/or National television to promote its competitions.
  15. Wyndham Diwali Inc reserves all rights and its decision is final.
  • Group Limit: Minimum 4 performers
  • Performance duration: Maximum 4 minutes 
  • Maximum 10 groups will be shortlisted to take part in the competition


Participants, groups and dance schools hereby release all Wyndham Diwali Inc / Ria and its officers or representatives from any claims for damages or injuries sustained while participating in any activity related to this competition.  By registering for the competition all the participating groups also understand all rules stated including time limits are taken care of and there is no claims made against Wyndham Diwali or Ria Money Transfer.